6 sets to which we invite from Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 15.00. For each of them we offer miso soup with wakame seaweed and tofu or osuimono with surimi, shrimps and shitake. Our lunches are diverse, nutritious and healthy. We serve lunches only in restaurants or take-aways with personal pickup

Lunch 1

4 x nigiri: 2x salmon, 2x eel 3 x futomaki: salmon, cream cheese 3 x futomaki: prawn, cream cheese


Lunch 2

6 x hosomaki: crab stick, cucumber 6 x futomaki: vegetables, cream cheese 6 x futomaki: spicy salmon tartar


Lunch 3

6 x california: crab stick, cream cheese 4 x kizumaki: salmon, calabash 6 x hosomaki: prawn, mayonnaise


Lunch 4

6 x futomaki: gilthead tempura 6 x futomaki: grilled butterfish 6 x hosomaki: cucmber, sesame


Lunch 5

6 x futomaki: salmon 3 x futomaki: grilled tuna 3 x sashimi roll: spicy salmon


Lunch 6

4 x nigiri: 2x salmon, 2x prawn 8 x sashimi roll: salmon, vegetables 3 x prawn in panko