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Life often surprises us and directs us to new paths. I had no idea that next to my great love for sport and my many years of work as a fitness instructor I would find another passion – a passion for cooking and an irresistible desire to share it with others and promote healthy eating. Which, combined with regular physical activity, gives us a guarantee of a long and happy life.

However, I needed some time to realize that my destiny is to open a sushi restaurant combined with Asian-inspired cuisine. OTO SUSHI was founded in 2008.

Over the past years I have put a lot of heart and work into creating the team, expanding the menu and creating the current image of OTO SUSHI. All these are important things, but absolute absolute honesty towards the customer is even more important in running a restaurant. I have been faithful to this principle from the beginning. The art of cooking makes no compromises. It is impossible to replace fresh herbs – dried, fresh fruit – canned fruit or fresh-frozen shrimps. That is why we always use fresh and quality products.

Nowadays, a good restaurant is not only good food. It’s also an idea. Our idea – and mission – is to bring our guests closer to healthy, valuable cuisine, which until recently was little known in Poland, and finally to boldly try unconventional combinations of flavors, i.e. to our own culinary experiments.

Katarzyna Gałkowska

oto sushi

Exceptional flavors

Restaurant brings together well-trained sushimasters, who daily prepare sushi made from ingredients of the highest quality, inspired by Japanese culture and individual customer preferences. Come to Oto Sushi not only for the classic maki, nigiri or insane salmon tartare.

Everyday sushimasters surprise you with a new interpretation of well-known classics, and for the most demanding prepare unique dishes according to the customer’s instructions. We use a lot of vegetables, fresh herbs and seafood, which provide in addition to the culinary experience is also a full range of nutrients. The unique atmosphere of the place that makes everyone find something for yourself!

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unique flavors


Every day, sushimasters will surprise you with a new interpretation of famous classics, and for the most demanding customers they will prepare unique delicacies according to the customer’s instructions.